What's driving you?

In the last week, I've had the great fortune to have connected with people who decided to stand up for what they believe in.  It's so inspiring to be around individuals who are willing to speak out about what they feel passionate about, even when - or especially when - their voice might not be the most popular one.  

In one of these instances, this person's rights or immediate safety weren't in question (thankfully!).  His struggle was more personal.  He was at risk of making a career choice that he knew wasn't right for him.  It was about settling.  It was about taking the most common path, rather than the one he knew would make him happy.  It was about putting himself in a one-size-fits-all this-is-what-I-should-do box, despite all of the creativity and resources he has access to.  

A few days later, my friend sent me an article that talks about one of the newest trends that can take us off our personalized career path.  What starts as the typical career building journey can lead us to a place where we are striving for achievements to find happiness, putting every other part of our life and our being on hold.  

How in touch are you with the purpose behind what you're doing?  Who are you completing that advanced degree for?  Why is that job so important to you?  Are you waiting for a pay raise or promotion to be happy?

There are so many creative ways to develop your career today.  It takes courage to say yes to something, and in my experience it takes an equal amount of courage to say no.