My Workation

You’ve heard of a vacation and you’ve likely heard of a “staycation”.  Well, I just booked a “workation”.  Sounds pretty counterintuitive, I know.  But, I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to it!

This time of year is always busy at work.  There are many great events to attend and connect with people.  Lots of organizations are planning team retreats and many are hitting crunch time with projects as the end of the calendar year quickly approaches. 

This year, in addition to all of that, my husband who farms full-time is working 16-hour days with a late harvest.  For me, this has translated into being lead parent for the last 6 weeks with another 2 or 3 yet to come. 

This past week, I could tell I was nearing the end of my rope.  Knowing that the demands on my time were only going to get higher, I decided to construct my own intervention:  a workation.  A blissful 36 hours where my kids are looked after by their grandparents so that I can work, using a hotel room as my home base in order to meet my client deadlines (and maybe get a little rest). 

Even though I had numerous reasons that a workation made sense – savings on time and gas going from home to the city for multiple appointments, more and better sleep so I would perform better, and simpler logistical childcare planning, I nearly talked myself out of it.  Have I failed because I can’t get everything done without asking for help?  Do I really need to spend the money on a hotel suite for myself?  Surely there must be another way? 

The answer to myself:  no.  I need this and I want this.  I need to concentrate on work for a few focused hours.  I know I’ll get more done and be ready for the big deadlines ahead.  I desire a break from cooking meals and caring for everyone else.  I will come home refreshed and ready to take on the demands of a full and fun family life. 

I love coaching people on finding their own creative and courageous ways to construct lives that suit them.  It’s my turn to take my own advice.

So, I’ve planned a workation and I can't wait!