Good News: To Lead Is Human

Managing people in our current climate certainly has become more complex.  We've had increased legislation from all angles, we've had trouble getting and retaining the right talent, and as our employees' lives become more diverse and pressured outside of work, so too, is their ability to show up everyday motivated and capable of high performance on the job.  

While that is all true, it's interesting to me that by comparison, the truth about leading people appears more simplified.  I believe that good leadership is all about the fundamentals of treating people with respect and dignity.  Giving people time, the opportunity to be heard, and showing that you care about them as a person, time and again leads to increased satisfaction and commitment to you as their leader and by extension, the organization.

And so, for the good news... I cannot predict that managing people is going to become easier and with less regulation any time soon.  However, I think every leader can commit to developing and improving his or her leadership capabilities.  Even with the continuous publication of leadership books (it seems by the second!), we all have what it takes to be a good leader. Because we are human.