We Are Doing More. Are We Getting More?

When did busyness become a badge of honour?  In most conversations I have these days, there is some reference (sometimes sprinkled with pride) to how the demands on our time exceed anything we've seen before. 

To what benefit is it for us to keep up this pace?  We may be doing more, but are we getting more from it?  

When we create space in our lives we can find more joy, laughter and our own inner wisdom.  When we are over-scheduled and over-stressed, we see only what is immediately in front of us, limiting our ability to make connections, dream and fulfill our greatness.

Remember the slow food initiative?  I'd like more of us to pick up the slow life movement, where we take the pace of our lives down a notch or two.  I think the opportunity cost is too great and could be our generation's single biggest regret when we reflect on our lives in our golden years (if we make it!).  

I know that most of us aren't in a position where we can clear the decks in our lives, at work or at home.  With four young kids, it doesn't take a lot for our house to become fast-paced and a little chaotic at times.  

A small step that can serve as a starting point is to change our language.  I try not to say that my life is busy, but it is full.  I have been thoughtful about each of the people and projects in my life and considered what value they or it brings and very consciously made decisions about whether to continue down the same path or not.  

Why race around so much?  No one is keeping score.  We don't know how much time we have in this life. Whether it's 30 years or 85, shouldn't we enjoy every moment we are given?