Life is Energy

Have you ever noticed that when you’re having a bad day, it’s like a groove you can’t escape?  Or when you wake up grumpy, your family can seem to “catch” that mood?  And at the same time, there are days it feels like everything you touch is blossoming and expanding?  It’s almost magical.

All of this and more can be summed up by the fact that all life is energy.  There is energy within us and around us.  Energy influences how we see the world, how we feel and how we act and react in a situation. 

While there are lots of different degrees or frequencies of energy, we can think about energy above or below a line.  Our energy can go above and below throughout a day or even an hour. 

Above the line and below the line feel very different.  When we are above the line, we can think more clearly, solve problems logically and intelligently, and see the fullness or possibility in a situation.  We feel calm and we are more connected with our bodies.  When we are below the line, it feels low, heavy and anxious.  When confronted, we are likely to feel paralyzed or feel the need to retreat.  If we choose to fight back, we go for easy wins vs. rational arguments.  We can feel stuck in a box or like our world is chaotic – sometimes at the same time.  We may feel like we cannot escape and if we stay it is not good for our relationships and overall health.

Science is showing us that our energy impacts those who are closest to us.  Without saying a word, anyone within a radius of 10 feet of our bodies can pick up on and be influenced by our energy level, high or low.

So how do we get more of those magical days vs. the grumpy ones?  There are 3 steps to begin this journey.  First, become more aware of whether you feel above the line or below the line.  Taking a minute to identify how you’re feeling is important.  Second, put a name to how you’re feeling.  This is one way to increase your emotional intelligence.  Try telling someone that you’re feeling low today.  Third, make an energy choice.  When you’re feeling great, tell yourself I’m going to enjoy this moment from this place and not let any negativity in.  When you’re feeling low, tell yourself I’m going to choose to move my energy higher by taking a walk or calling my grandchild. ** 

All life is energy.  How we are feeling inside is what we create on the outside.  Our energy is projected on those that are physically close to us.  By learning to become aware of where our energy is at, naming our feelings and making choices about how we want to approach a situation or a moment, we have the power to increase our effectiveness at home, work and in the world.

** Note – there may be times where you choose to stay feeling below the line for a period of time as you grieve the loss of something or someone.  That’s okay too. Just don’t make a home there.