3 Words to Know Before You Write Your Résumé

Have you noticed lately how marketing campaigns use three words to communicate their brand?  You know, like “Play. Explore. Learn.” or “Discover. Educate. Join.”  

Recently I was writing a résumé for a client who had a lot of diverse experiences.  She had a master’s degree in one field, business experience in the corporate world and artistic talents that had been put to use in the nonprofit sector.  After speaking with her, it was easy to see that she had an abundance of talent to offer many prospective employers.  But, how do you communicate that effectively in the two pages of the résumé?  

That’s where we applied the three marketing words for her personal brand communication.  With meticulous consideration, we constructed three words that seemed to tie her diverse skills together - educator, collaborator, explorerNot only did we use these three words as part of the headline of her résumé, but also as section headers that wove together the story of her varied experiences.  

My client is currently waiting to hear about a job that she has interviewed for.  She shared that using coming up with her own three words was extremely valuable to her well beyond the résumé.  In preparing for the interview, she made sure that every part of her personal brand was aligned with the image she wanted to project, from her email correspondence to the clothes she wore to the interview.  She also used the three words as part of her strategy in answering the interviewer’s questions.  She felt confident that her answers were less one-sided and more well-rounded and wholehearted.  

For a variety of reasons, you may be looking at a fresh start in your career in 2016.  Before you spend time constructing your résumé identify the three words that tell the story of you.  Share them with us!