The Power of a Tribe

This week I learned the power of a tribe.  We all belong to different tribes. Some we choose to become members of and other times life chooses a tribe for us. 

When I chose to have a family, I become a mom and I joined the tribe of mothers.  It’s a badge I wear with pride and gratitude, even on the days my kids tear on my nerves and test my patience. 

As we all know, our lives can change in an instant.  This week my heart aches for a member of my tribe of mothers.  She had to say goodbye to her child too soon and our community is grieving with her, her husband and her boys. 

Being part of a tribe means that you can relate in a special way to the other members and you can tap into a collective consciousness of experiences of the past.  That is the best way I can describe how I have felt this week.  While up until now, I have shared a kind hello and a warm smile when we have been together in our community, I have felt such overpowering empathy and sadness as my thoughts hover on her loss.  As a mother, she is living through my greatest fear and it is hard to think of anything else. 

As one of the many mothers in our community, I acknowledge the honour it is for us to be part of the tribe of mothers and the responsibility we have to this sister.   She is surrounded by love, grace, many prayers and other considerations.  While she will continue to be part of our tribe of mothers she has also stepped into a new tribe; one of mothers who have a child that is now an angel.  While we can never truly know how she is feeling, I am confident that our local tribe of mothers will offer her our support every step in her journey.