Finding the Sweet Spot

Will you be on the job hunt in 2016?  If you’re like many, you will be reorienting yourself to writing a professional résumé.  While there are certain rules to preparing a résumé such as, ensuring spelling and grammar accuracy, customizing your résumé to the job you’re applying for and telling the truth, much of the rest of the process is about telling your story in a style that suits you.  

When I am creating a résumé for a client, one of my most important considerations is what I will select for the résumé’s sweet spot.  I consider the sweet spot to be the top one half or one third of the first page of the résumé.  The average recruiter spends only seconds deciding if your résumé holds the qualifications he or she is looking for and the sweet spot is typically where the eyes land first.  Your goal for the sweet spot is to put the best information about you that will entice the selection manager to read on.  

So, what is the best information about you that goes in the sweet spot?  That will really depend on the situation.  

  • If you are looking for your first job after college or university, you will likely put your education first, highlighting awards, the courses you took or special projects that you can apply on the job.
  • If you are seeking a job in the field you are already in, your sweet spot will often show the results and at work accomplishments achieved to date.  
  • If you have work experience but are transitioning to a new sector or even a new career, you will likely use a functional résumé and include categories of transferrable skills in this section.  

The holidays often provide a good time to reflect on where you’ve been and what you’d like to do next in your career.  Whether you will be actively looking or keeping your options open, having a professional résumé ready to go is always a good idea. The best résumé is always the one you feel very proud and excited to hand to a prospective employer.

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