Fill 2016 with Joy & Fun

It’s that time of year when we begin to think of our new year’s resolutions.  We often come up with goals about losing weight, exercising more and quitting bad habits, like smoking. These are all admirable objectives and there are people who have he right resources in place to see them through beginning January 1st.  

If you are a person who likes to set new year’s resolutions, I’d like to challenge you to set a different kind of target this year.  I would like you to vow to have more fun and intentionally bring more joy into your life in the next 12 months.  

Two recent conversations with clients stand out in my mind as I write this.  In both cases, my clients recalled an impromptu visit or night out with friends that had them laughing to tears and bringing a sense of freedom that reminded them of being a kid.  Both marveled at the question “why don’t we do this more often?”

The truth is our work and home lives are over populated with activities.  Even when these commitments are important to us and driven by our values, we rarely leave space for fun and a bit of silliness.  It is important to overall health and quality of life to have some downtime.  

While I don’t want to further the problem by asking you to structure your free time, what if in 2016 you resolved to:

  • Laugh more
  • Connect with friends more often
  • Call your grandma or favourite aunt
  • Visit a place or try an activity you loved as a child

Life is always going to be busy and complicated.  Let’s make room for the simple moments that bring more joy to us and our loved ones.  

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Blue Core Coaching!