When Our Body Says No

Neuroscience is an evolving field. The discoveries of the last 20 years and today are beyond amazing.  What I find interesting is that many of our scientific revelations are providing proof of what we know intuitively or giving credibility to the wisdom from generations ago.  

One such notion is the idea that our bodies are potential sources of information, if we choose to tap into them.

 Researchers have recently found the existence of neurons in our skin.  Other scientists have found that at certain times our body reacts before our brain has had the time to process the signals it receives.  Some thought leaders are beginning to ponder whether our brain is more embodied than we originally thought.  

What does it mean for us?  Most of us don’t stop to listen to our bodies until we become sick or injured.  But what if we could create a better link between our mind, body and heart?  

Research has shown that people who are more aware of their heartbeat have increased empathy.  The ability to empathize is a key component of emotional and social intelligence which is seen as an asset in building and maintaining relationships and leading in today’s world.  

Have you ever ignored your gut feelings?  I have and I can share that when I do, it generally goes poorly for me.  These days whenever I am faced with a decision I not only make my pros and cons list, I spend time checking in with my body.  Whether saying yes or no, my body can tell me which way I should turn often before I can give any language to my reasoning.  For that reason, I regularly bring this practice into my coaching.  

Interested?  Skeptical?  Try this out for a week.  Just start noticing what information your body is telling you.  Let us know what you learn.