The Spirit of Community

This week I was reminded of the strength and beauty of a community.  Human beings are wired to connect.  I am grateful to have networks of people in my life who inspire, encourage and support my family.  I hope you do too!

A community can form around the family you were born into or a family created through sport, school, faith, friends and experiences.

A community is united by its values and its vision for the future.  A community has a moral code and an ethical standard you aspire to live.

When you are part of a community, you are linked to people who “get” you.  Their hearts break when yours is broken and they share your joy and dance with you when you celebrate. 

A community acts with kindness and without an expectation of return.  

A community can sense when something is “off”; sometimes even before you realize it. 

A community stands tall and stands together for its members who cannot face challenges alone.

A community demonstrates open appreciation for its members.  

A community can guide you as you navigate the more difficult paths of life. 

When a community mobilizes, collaborates and rallies, it can achieve greatness.  A community is stronger together, much more than the sum of its parts.  

A community accepts you for who you are while wanting you to be the best you can be.  In turn, a community can motivate you to achieve dreams you never thought possible.