Words To Live By

Recently, I’ve read three books for and about different contexts of my life and interestingly, they have all come back to the same point.  (You know you are supposed to pay attention, when you get these kinds of parallels!)

As humans we have a special and unique gift in our voice.  Our words have power.  World leaders have created hope and promise with their words as well as destruction and chaos.  

We don’t have to hold a high level position for our words to impact another.  On a more intimate level, the people closest to us are influenced by our words.  After a bad day, I might come home and admonish my kids for not being able to keep up with their work at school. Those words have a potential to stick with them and they may always believe themselves to be underachievers.  

Our own words have the power to lift us or hurt us as well.  There is a dialogue in our head that runs almost constantly.  That internal chatter creates beliefs that structure our perceptions. What we say to ourselves internally manifests externally.  

For many years, I have had this poster hanging in my office that reminds me of the link between my words and my reality.  


Flower poster.jpg

You and I both have the power to shape our reality.  We can choose to employ words that will build love, hope and compassion around us.  Or we can allow judgment and hurt run unchallenged.  

The first step is to be aware of what kinds of words are using with ourselves and look for ways they are showing up in our life in our beliefs and relationships.  If you don’t like the words you’re saying and the impact you are having on yourself and others, give us a call and we can help you discover better options.