The GIFT of the Holiday Season: Part 4 of 4

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, I’ve got the perfect gift for you to give all of those people on your Christmas list.  It’s TIME. 

How often have we told our family members that we don’t have enough time for that right now?  Sometimes we say those actual words and sometimes our actions speak them for us.  And how many hours do we waste on social media or binge-watching a TV series instead? 

In general, our priorities are screwed up.  Even when we are with our families and friends, how often do we pull out our cell phones?  We put so many barriers between us and them.  Little of our time is spent truly being present with the people we love. 

We also need to find more time to be present with ourselves.  This season can be a time when we don’t respect our own limits and get carried away with what we think we should be doing.  This can lead to anxiety and a very busy, over-scheduled calendar.  Being aware of our own needs we can show a little love and honour to ourselves as well. 

A fellow coach told me that she tries to maintain 90% of her self-care practices during the holidays.  This means not skipping the workouts, eating well and getting rest as she normally would most of the time. 

Being present is truly a gift – to those we love and ourselves.  We need to decide where we are going to be and choose to fully be there.  No multi-tasking. 

Want to be more thoughtful about how you spend your holiday TIME?

- Re-visit your holiday shopping list.  Buy gifts that encourage spending time with the people you love.  Attend a play or a concert, with dinner before.  Buy a book that two of you can enjoy before bed.  Block that time in your calendar now. 

- When you’re attending the Christmas concert or baking cookies, put the phone away.  Take a social media break for the holidays.  Unplug as a family. 

-  Dedicate 15-30 minutes each day to your children.  Just talk.  Or ask them if they want to play a game.  Let them choose how you spend the time. 

- Save some space for downtime in your calendar.  Don’t compromise on taking care of yourself.