Essence of Coaching

Most coaches I know are excited to see how the profession is growing and being embraced by clients.  I’ve heard coaching described many ways.  It’s an accountability mechanism, a performance enhancer and it is an effective motivator.  

Coaching provides the support and framework to assist a person to get what he or she wants.  But, like someone told me recently, the real benefit of coaching is to assist a client to determine *what* he or she really wants.  

Effective coaching is created by the combination of the right technical skills along with the energy and presence a coach brings to a relationship.  Listening on a deep level, asking powerful questions and providing a framework for goal achievement are integral tools and skills.  But that is only half of the equation.  A coach uses his or her energy to create an environment that is filled with trust and that feels safe.  A coach listens to a client without judgment and has an engaging spirit of curiosity.  

I think potential clients can feel hesitant to call a coach for help because they know that coaching is about achieving a goal but all they know is they feel stuck.  They can’t articulate what it is they want; they just know they where they are now is not working. 

My clients regularly tell me how they appreciate being heard on a deeper level so that they can gain clarity about a professional decision they are making or a situation they are facing at home.  It is a role I feel grateful and honoured to play as they are making significant choices about their future.