A Perfect Beginning

As a coach, there have been many times when a client and I will talk about his or her struggle with perfectionism.  Typically, I will talk about perfection being an impossible standard.  I have been reading Dr. Mario Martinez-'s The Mind Body Code and I thought that some of his points about the goal of perfection were really interesting.  He says:

  • Can you imagine how boring you would be if you were perfect?
  • So why seek imperfection?  Because you gain more wisdom in the process of reaching for your goal than in attaining it.
  • There are psychological benefits to be gained by exploring and learning the wisdom of imperfection:  the resilience to transcend your disillusionment, the perseverance to overcome your obstacles, the creativity to find alternative solutions, and the flexibility to navigate turbulence.
  • When you think of what you want, you usually imagine an idealized scenario of achieving it, not the obstacles you will find when you move from thought to action... We plan our goals in the present and project them into a future about which we can only speculate.  Then, all too often, we are disappointed when our perfect thoughts collide with an imperfect world.  

As we celebrate this Easter weekend and the start of spring, perhaps this is a good time to reframe your own ideas about perfection and the expectations you set for yourself.

Quotes are taken from pages 196-199 of The Mind Body Code:  How to change the beliefs that limit your health, longevity and success by Dr. Mario Martinez.