Quick Fixes Don't Stick

Like most parents, my husband and I are trying to teach our kids the value of money.  Recently, one of our sons was desperate to search up where he could find a particular toy and what the cost was.  I thought he understood that this toy was something I would let him save for, but throughout the day he hinted that he wanted to go to a store to make his purchase immediately.  When I asked if he had the money, he said no but he thought I could lend it to him.  He offered to work hard to pay me back.  That day, I told him I could lend him the money but I wasn’t going to.  He had it backwards; he needed to save the money and then I would take him to make the buy.  With the wisdom of a parent, I said that the toy would mean a lot more to him when he had to save for it.  

As you might be able to imagine, I didn’t have much luck with that parenting lesson.  

There are times that we are all in search of the quick fix.  We want something and we want it now - a new job, to lose weight, to find a relationship and to save money.  

To say it’s all about the journey sounds trite, but it’s actually true.  

Every goal is achieved by several steps over a series of days.   There are successes and failures along the way.  These ups and downs provide opportunities to learn.  

And it’s the learning and the lessons that create meaning in our goals.  

The results of our efforts mean more to us when we have had to overcome struggle to achieve them.  Additionally, this meaning will also make sure that we find the strength we need to maintain our new level of success.  

We may not have the wisdom of our parents to guide us at this time, so be your own self-manager and don’t fall for the quick fix.  Take it one day at a time and one moment in time. Celebrate the times you succeed and pick yourself up and keep going on the days you fail. Each step on the path will make your success feel that much greater.