Paradoxical Leadership

Each of us is on our own journey in this life.  Whether you want to call it self-fulfillment, personal development or just celebrating the joys and surviving the challenges of life, we are on a unique path.  

Not long ago I learned that the further you are in the ladder of self-discovery, the better able you are to handle contrasts.  What I mean is that we move away from seeing a situation in black or white and we become better at understanding that it can actually be both.  A recent article in the Harvard Business Review applied this concept to corporate leadership.  The authors discuss the three parts of having a paradoxical mindset – 

  1. Move from well-intentioned consistency to consistent inconsistency
  2. Move from scarce resources to abundant resources
  3. Move from stability and certainty to dynamism and change

This is another great example of how leadership is shifting and it’s an exciting time.  

But even if you aren’t leading a Fortune 500 company, I think this is a concept worth thinking about.  Ask yourself the following questions -  

  • What parts of myself are at odds with each other?  
  • How can I embrace the paradox and be okay with it?  What’s the gift in that dynamic?  
  • What might I discover or achieve if I allow both sides of myself to flourish?