Whether you are an elite athlete, a CEO or a parent (or perhaps all 3), mindfulness is a buzz word that has likely been mentioned in your world.  

More than a trend, it is a discipline, a practice and a way to live your life that has many benefits.  

Recently, I found an article linking mindfulness and being a career counsellor.  I particularly liked some of the plain language used to describe a concept that can seem complex to understand and even more daunting to achieve in real life.  

Some of my favourite quotes from the article are:  

"Mindfulness is about attending to the present moment in order to experience life for what it is."

"Mindfulness can act as a process of un-layering the mind in order to clear out its holding powers."

"Our habitual and persuasive desire to control many, if not all, aspects of our life also prevents us from living with clear-mindedness and equanimity because our mind and body are full of tension."

"We spend so much time of our life lost in thought; we are either resenting and ruminating on the past or fantasizing and planning for the future.... When we accept things for what they are, we are able to experience other skillful attitudes of the mind such as openness, patience and non-reactivity."

Whether you choose to develop a formal or informal practice of mindfulness, this is a topic worth exploring.  Finding more ways to be present in your own life will lead to incredible results.

Source:  "Mindfulness and Chaos Theory of Careers" by Justin Pritchard.  Published in Careering, Winter 2016, pp. 28-29.