Your Beacon: Values in a Crisis

A friend and I were talking recently.  We are both navigating some challenging waters right now and she astutely identified that crises are when our values really matter.  

I’ve said it before; there was a day when my eyes glazed over when I was on a board or a team that decided to talk about its values.  Ugh!  When values aren’t really alive or when this process lacks meaning, it is a chore I don’t look forward to.  

But, when values are truly relevant it is a whole different matter.  It is really important to understand what you will stand for when the moment arrives.  

In times of personal or professional crisis, it can feel like the chaos of a storm.  The waters are shifting and moving; you may even feel like you are in the midst of crashing waves – wiping the water from your face or bracing for the next one.  The sand is shifting and the ground feels uncertain under your feet.  

Your values act as both the rock that you are clinging to and the beacon that you are moving towards.  

This is something that feels very real for me right now.  While very little is certain in the situation I am facing, I know that I am on a sure path when my values are in the lead.  In fact, in a time when I feel I’ve surrendered a lot of control it is actually quite liberating and empowering to be living my values.  I don’t know if the choices I’m making are the right ones, but I do know I won’t regret them.  

When the outcome is unsure, if you are tethered to your values your ship will never be adrift.