Back to Life

Fresh starts.  Big dreams.  Adventures of a lifetime.

When I reflect on the summer of 2016, these are some of the phrases that come to mind. Welcome back to the routine and responsibilities of September!  How did all of your “back to’s” go this week?  It always takes me a few weeks to get the hang of fall.  

Fortunately, this year I am transitioning to a new season from a place of joy, health and rest.

Here at Blue Core Coaching, we have been celebrating special milestones, the launch of a new learning adventure and the renewal of relationships that have the potential to flourish.  With all that going on, we were able to soak up the sun, enjoy time with family and friends and even embark on and return home safely from some travel adventures that will forever touch our hearts.  

This summer we committed to creating the space in our mind and calendars to enjoy every moment.  We are grateful for all those who made this possible.  It did mean that we had to let go of a few things – including our weekly blog posts and monthly round-up newsletters (which we are resuming starting with this post!).  

During the course of the summer, we were reminded that the plans for our home and work lives are important but that it’s the unexpected experiences that have the capacity to take our breath away.  By their very nature, we cannot plan for or schedule these moments; all we can do is create the space that allow us to courageously say “yes!” when opportunity knocks.  

So as you settle back into the often heightened rhythm of fall, remember that a life that is scheduled to the minute and overly planned does not leave room for magic, synchronicity and faith.