Healing Instincts: The Art of Ritual

No life is without challenge.  We all experience moments that affect us deeply.  It may be the death of a loved one; an illness or health scare; the loss of a dream job; or the transition from one life stage to another.  

One moment our world makes sense and in the next minute, everything has changed.  We feel alone, vulnerable and uncertain.  It's a disorienting experience.

In times of struggle, we can feel that all hope is lost.  While loss feels different for everyone, we all share an instinct that causes us to desire that our load will get a little lighter one day.  It is what makes us human.

In collaboration with my friend and colleague, Chantelle Diachina, of Prana Yoga + Wellness, I am delighted to announce an upcoming workshop called Healing Instincts:  The Art of Ritual.

Join us on Sunday, October 30th as we bring together our experiences with wellness, coaching, yoga and spiritual development to support you with your own journey.