The Time is Now

Have you noticed how often we put off life?  When we are in high school we dream of living on our own and going to college.  When we are finishing school, we dream of our first career.  And it doesn’t end there… we think we will really start living when we meet the right person and get married, or have a family or get the promotion… or even when we retire.  The funny thing is we often look back on days gone by as the best we ever had. 

The truth is we are dreaming our life away instead of living it. 

Whether you are starting out a new path, are at the midway point or are even about to cross the finish line, it’s time to celebrate.  Life goals are important.  Achievements are to be acknowledged but the true impact lies in the days and days of commitment it took to get there. 

There is something sacred about today.  Life is sweetest when we place our awareness on cherishing the small moments:  appreciating the wonder of nature on your morning commute, acknowledging a stranger you pass on the street with a smile, making a simple meal to share with your loved ones and finding a way to help someone else just because you can. 

My theme for 2017 is exactly this… celebrating every day moments.  This is it. 

Stop putting conditions on living.  Do not wait until you are the right size, in the right income bracket or in the right relationship.  Let’s get off the sidelines and get in the game.  This is not a practice run.  The time is now.