Take Back the Driver's Seat

When I met my husband, I soon realized that a commute was going to be a part of my reality. While I am fortunate to work from a home office some of the time, living in the country means that I will have to drive just about everywhere else.  

On my drive to and from clients, I have a rotating list of listening activities to help make the drive enjoyable… and sometimes productive.  Listening to the morning and evening music radio broadcasts works for me some of the time, but I also like to mix it up so I don’t get bored.  Talk radio is an interest too, but I also listen to a lot of audio books and on long drives, I pull out soundtracks to Broadway shows.  Other times, I embrace my introverted side and turn off all listening devices and let my mind wander or notice the nature or neighbourhoods I pass.  

I have a friend who has done a long, daily commute for years and via the wonderful technology of Bluetooth, she often dials up a friend and catches up with them as she makes her regular drive home.  

In a Harvard Business Review article published this spring, authors examined the draining mental and emotional impact of a long, daily commute.  If you drive or ride transit to and from work on a daily basis, check out their article so that you can reclaim your commute by "shifting your mindset, preparing to be productive, finding your freedom or sharing the spirit” and make it a time you enjoy instead of dread.