Stand Up For You

I am re-reading a book called “Buddha’s Brain:  the practical neuroscience of love, happiness and wisdom” and there was a part in the introduction (page 16-17) that caught my attention as it never had before and I wanted to share it with you this week. 

Sometimes we have power over others – like our kids, our pets, our employees and maybe at times our elders.  There is a general belief that if you do hold this power, you should exhibit love and stewardship.  You should have their best interest in your heart in return for their trust. 

“Well, who is the one person in the world you have the greatest power over?  It’s your future self.”

Take a moment to think of a photo of yourself as a child.  Better yet, pull one out if you have it.  Look at the eyes of the little person. What do you see?  Love.  Hope.  Wonder.  Excitement.  Joy.  Fear.  Don’t you want the best for that child? 

“You are a human being like any other – and just as deserving of happiness, love and wisdom.”

It’s time we stand up for ourselves.  It’s time we care for the little child still inside of us, just as we would someone else we love.  The compassion we show for ourselves teaches us how to live empathetically towards others. 

What are you doing to protect and nourish your future self?  Lean into that.  What are you doing to limit, shame and deny your future self?  Acknowledge those acts and stop. 

All quotes from book:  “Buddha’s Brain:  the practical neuroscience of love, happiness and wisdom” written by Rick Hanson.