The Life-Changing Power of Courage

A few short months ago, our family became aware of a health issue.  There is no cure; it is something that will have to be managed.  Some days a little, other days a lot.  While it could have been worse, it marks a significant point in time for my husband and I.  Life was one way before we knew and life is much different now that we know. 

At first, it was quite a shock.  While there were symptoms, you didn’t really think it was going to add up to anything more.  After the surprise, we went through some pretty negative feelings, most especially a fear of an unknown future and some grief about the loss of a life path that would have been easy.  With the desire to break down our fear, we began our quest for knowledge and support from people we trusted.  It was a lot of work in the beginning and we made a lot of changes to our daily life.  There were many moments I felt completely overwhelmed.

Fast forward to today, almost 9 months later, we recently had a check in with our doctor.  Life is as stable as life can be.  Life is better than those early days and it has improved from the before-we-knew days.  What was most striking to me as we chatted with our medical team, is that the situation has not changed.  Not really.  We have the same diagnoses we had before.  It is us – my husband and I – that have changed.  How we do things at home is different.  We perceive challenges in a new way.  Our bar of what is normal for our family is not the same as it once was.  We speak more honestly about the difficulties we face and we forgive ourselves when life at home isn’t easy.  And you know what?  Our doctor told us that we were much further ahead than he expected us to be.

In all of the coaching I do, this is really where client breakthroughs happen. 

I use a model of effectiveness and consciousness in my coaching, developed by Be Above Leadership, in which energy can be classified as above the line or below the line.  The “line” that separates the two hemispheres is a point of courage.  Making the step over that line, does not occur when something good happens to you from an external force.  It occurs when you begin to see your situation in a new way.  Even for just a moment, you see a glimmer of hope and possibility.  You believe with confidence – even shaky at first – that you have some choice or power.  That energetic force opens your heart in a new way.  Once your heart and mind are open to potential paths, these feelings generate more and more courage which leads us to highly creative places. 

Heart = Coeur = Courage

Nearly all of the bad things that happen to us in life, have an opportunity for a gift.  I already know that our situation has offered some new riches to our family.  We are learning to be more tolerant and forgiving.  We are appreciating diversity.  My husband and I are learning to be a team in challenging situations and we have redefined what success looks like.  We are grateful for our health and a new perspective from which to see the world.  We have been reminded, once again, what our values are and that we are resilient when tested.

Where is that line drawn for you today?  It doesn’t have to be as big as a medical diagnosis, but in what part of your life have you inched your way out of fear and frustration and are ready to admit there may just be another way of looking at this?  Are you willing to say, “maybe I can”?  Contact us if we can help you say, “yes, I’m ready to start”.