Hello, Spring!

A few short days ago, we celebrated the first day of spring.  When I was younger, I never paid much attention to the passage of time.  I certainly would not have described the first day of a season as a celebration.  Many times, I can remember my parents wanting to go for a drive on a Sunday afternoon.  When I would ask where we were going to go, they would say just out to see the colours of fall or to enjoy the first signs of spring.  I was less than interested.  What was the point of driving to nowhere in particular?  And, nature was something to be tolerated rather than appreciated, right?  Can you see my pre-teen eyes roll?

Well, like many things, time has a way of changing one’s perspective.  The transition of one season to another is something I now take time to acknowledge.  Because I have begun to pay attention, I notice that there are a number of parallels between the changing temperatures and weather patterns and my own life.  The ending of one thing is making room for the start of another.  

  • Living a disciplined, scheduled routine will give way to living more flexibly and rhythmically.  
  • Enjoying the sound and feel of blades on ice will give way to swimming and campfires.  
  • Spending time with a wide circle of friends will give way to leisurely hours with family.  
  • Comforted by the warmth of layers of blankets and clothes will give way to walking barefoot and feeling the sun on our skin.  
  • Experimenting with ingredients in roasts and casseroles will give way to picnics and barbecues with lots of fresh produce. 
  • The inhale of launching new projects and challenges will give way to the exhale of wrapping up commitments and reflecting on all that has been learned.  

At moments like this, the connection between the being that I am and the universe that we live in becomes almost tangible.  

With the beginning of a new season, it is like the closing of one chapter and the start of another.  A perfect time to be still, take stock of where we are and look forward to see what might be ahead.