Connecting the Dots

In the last week, three separate interesting ideas have come to my attention.  While independent in their arrival, the more I thought about each of them, I found a connection.  

  1. The evidence of things not seen.  Unrelated to the books and TV episode of the same names, this was idea was shared during a speech that I heard related to personal trauma.  But, I have been thinking of it from a coaching perspective.  The mental constructs we hold leave an imprint on our lives that can be seen in various ways.  The underlying belief is not always visible.  
  2. Courage.  Courage is an attitude, emotion and an action.  Courage brings more courage.  The more you feel, the more you feel.  Everyone exemplifies courage in a unique way.  
  3. Death & Rebirth.  It is Easter weekend and for Christians, this is the holiest time of year. Death and rebirth are central to the story of Easter.  A grieving family I met with this week reminded me that the only thing you can count on in life is death.  When we lose someone special, our lives are never the same.  Each step moving forward as a changed individual into a whole new world.  

Now, for the links between these three ideas.  

Our entire lives – from the biggest acts to the smallest choices – are built on beliefs and mental models we hold to be true.  If we pay attention, we can identify a pattern of choices and decide if these rooted ideas are serving or hurting us.  It takes courage to do this.  To make the time and really ask ourselves if what we believe is actually correct, is heart-centered work and can have powerful consequences.  To have the opportunity to change our own mind is one of the greatest gifts of being human.  This, in a way, is the death of one part of our life and the rebirth of a new, more thoughtful version of ourselves.  While nothing in the external circumstances has changed, we see the world around us differently – sometimes completely altered.  How we relate to the people and environment around is not the same as before.  We leave some part of us behind and begin to navigate our world differently and make new choices.  

In the past two weeks, I’ve written a lot about the opportunity for hope and renewal that the season of spring offers us.  As you bring clarity to your mind, perhaps you will find evidence of things not seen and have the courage to consider if the time has come to leave these underlying beliefs behind so that you can live your life in a new way.