Gentle Control

Don’t let the technology control you.  You are in control of the technology.

This wise piece of advice was shared with me by a dear friend many years ago when I felt I was losing a battle with social media.  Specifically, I didn’t feel like I was keeping up with it all.

I applaud people who keep up with multiple posts on a variety of sites 6-7 days each week.  I hope your own experience is less a battle and more of an opportunity for creative expression.  

My friend’s advice did not change how much I posted here and there.  It did however, alter how I feel about being present online.  I can acknowledge what I’m choosing to do and I’m a little gentler with the expectations I set for myself.

My involvement with social media is much like a relationship that goes through different seasons.  Today we are friendly acquaintances.  I dip into Twitter to check current hockey scores, I have removed Facebook from my cell phone so that a new message indicator doesn’t draw me in throughout the day and I enjoy my time on LinkedIn making connections and keeping up with colleagues.  I look forward to blogging weekly and when I do not feel I have anything to say, I don’t write a post.  

In another season to come, we may be much closer.

Today, technology is an easy area to pick on.  There is no way to keep up with it all.  It is something that without warning can quickly take you from something meaningful to a lot of wasted time.  But technology is not the only thing that we may struggle with.  What’s yours… working, eating, exercising, watching Netflix?  Is it time to re-examine your own expectations and choices?

  • Are there activities you feel compelled to do out of obligation?
  • Do you get caught up in things that after the fact do not feel all that satisfying?  
  • Is there something you tell yourself and others you do, but you really don’t?
  • Is there an activity that takes you away from the people closest to you?
  • Are there things you put in the way of accomplishing your goals?

Consider joining us for our upcoming retreat to take back your control.