Right-Size the Robin's Nest

My grandma always watched for the arrival of a robin as the first sign that spring was on its way.  Well, I’ve seen many robins in the last three weeks and despite a temporary snowy setback a couple of days ago, spring is here.  

With spring comes an innate desire for me to tidy my own nest.  To bring air into what has been behind closed doors, to let the sunshine in and to tidy what has become disorderly in the busyness of winter.  It feels like a time to reaffirm my commitments as a new season begins.  

Many books and newsletter articles are devoted to a meaningful spring cleaning. This year my goal is to use these strategies in a deliberate way.  Other years, I would make a fervent attempt to right size our possessions and find places for every thing, as quickly as possible.  This time around, I plan to take my time and ask the following questions as I clean out closets and drawers as well as my heart and mind.  

  • Do we use this item regularly and frequently?
  • Is this something we need or will need in the near future?
  • When I hold the item or walk past it, what energy or emotions are evoked?
  • Is this item linked to a memory or special relationship in my life?  If so, do I need the physical item as a reminder?
  • Could someone else benefit more from my gifting this item to him or her?  

My goal is to create a home where my family and friends feel safe and welcome.  We aim to live simply in our means and abundant in our relationships.  Holding onto things can also hold us back.  Clearing the clutter is a physical act that is a ritual of emotional renewal.  It is an exercise that helps me to assess where we’ve been, what we’ve been through and where we want to go in the future.  Inspired by the hope of a new season, there is always an opportunity to create space for increased joy in this robin’s nest.

How about you?  Do you have traditions for the start of spring?