3 for 3

3 for 3.  This week, I was at an event and I was chatting with 3 friends, all of whom were in some stage of transitioning to a new job.  My friends were sharing their stories about what led them to their new company and do you know what it all boiled down to?  Networking.  Each of them had found themselves talking to someone about their desire for a next step and that was what sparked their journey to a new job.  

Are you looking for a new challenge or opportunity?  Do you have the right people in your network to help get you there?  

Two weeks ago, I read a wonderful blog post about the kinds of people we should all have in our network.  Author Janine Garner says we need promoters, pit crew, teachers and butt-kickers in order to continue our journey forward.  Check out her full post here.

Once a year, I think it makes good sense to evaluate your network.  Do you have the right mix of people?  Are you finding ways to reach out and connect with these people?  And, what value are you bringing to their world?  Networking, done well, goes both ways. You will earn more credibility as a contact if you are present consistently and not just one who comes knocking in a time of personal need.  

Relationships are the most important aspect of our lives.  When we are willing to connect with others, amazing things begin to happen.