An Integrated Summer

It is a beautiful afternoon, a blue sky, sun-shining, picture perfect summer day.  

As we are just a few days away from the end of school and the beginning of July, I want to extend my wishes to you for an integrated summer.

Integration is the whole.  Connected.  Complete.  True.  

Integration is about the relationship between parts.  It is seamless and resonant.  It offers space for what is different without undermining the greater sum of the total.  

How can you have an integrated summer?

Connect with yourself.
Connect with others.
Connect your mind with body, body with spirit, spirit with mind.  
Show up.
Stay in the moment.
Eat well.
Move your body.
Try something new.
Explore nature.
Speak truthfully.
Choose courageously.
Show gratitude.
Give to serve others.
Perform a ritual.
Ask curiously.
Believe you are enough.

When we are integrated, we are stronger. Our focus is on "and" rather than "or".  Instead of trying to fix or minimize our problem areas, we accept, love and embrace our whole self.  

Find the most complete version of you this summer.

All things are difficult before they are easy.”
Thomas Fuller

Wishing you a wonderful summer!