Beating the Clock

Oh, the first week of September!!  And all at once, we are back into a whole new world.  

It feels a lot like a cold bucket of water is being poured (more like forcefully splashed) over my head.  It may not be so bad if it only happens once, but this week it felt like it happened again and again.  We go from the flow and ease of summer… long, sunny days; barbecues and picnics; swimming and resting.  Suddenly Labour Day weekend is behind us and we flash forward to fall… packing lunches, racing to meet the bus or to get to the arena on time, the excitement and anxiety of tryouts and new friends.  

No matter how much I plan and prepare for this week, I never seem to have it all together.  By last count, I’ve made 6 trips to the grocery store, we’ve missed one bus, someone has forgotten his required gym clothes and oh yes, one emergency visit to the doctor.  Did I mention we haven’t had a working oven for 2 weeks?  And, we are hosting a party this weekend?  

The summer is a time when the clock is something ornamental on the wall.  In the fall, the clock becomes a ticking task master helping us meet our obligations, maintain routines that promote health and wellness and get us to where we want to be.

As we continue to take this new season in stride, this fall is a special one and the clock reminds us of the passage of time in a long-term way.  We honour and acknowledge that two of our kids are celebrating new beginnings.  One began JK this week and the other entered high school.  As we enjoyed this past summer, one of the things my husband and I tried to savour was this special time before our kids had these new experiences.  

School changes our kids.  The experience of venturing out of our home with more freedom, making friends, rising to meet new challenges and having successes.  Like all parents we hope there will be more good then bad.  And we hold our breath, hoping and praying that we have done all we could to prepare them to succeed and fail well. 

My husband and I recognized this summer that all we could was really notice who the little and big people that our children are and try to breathe in and enjoy the stage they are at.  Change was coming and there was nothing we could about that fact.  

s I try to navigate our full life as a family.  And Mistress Time, I hope you will provide gentle nudges for all of us to pause, notice and savour precious moments of significance.

What does the clock mean to you this season?  How do you honour and celebrate milestones and new beginnings?