Rally Better

Our words are so powerful.  Have you ever noticed how the right piece of feedback or comment has triggered the pieces of a puzzle to come together where before there was no clarity?  Timing, accuracy and usually a caring spirit from a trusted source can be the catalyst to some of our great realizations and life-changing moments. 

Conversely, I’m sure you’ve been in the position where someone has picked the absolute worst time to say exactly what you didn’t need to hear and it caused your emotions and self-esteem to plummet. 

This summer the Harvard Business Review published an article called The Science of Pep Talks.  Included is research that can make all of us better at giving motivational and meaningful encouragement to people and groups.  The researchers suggest that it is important to balance the following three elements, catering to your audience: “uncertainty-reducing language, empathetic language and meaning-making language”. 

Our words influence others, that is a given.  What would the world be like if we all spoke with more intention?  Most of us desire to be a source of motivation and positivity with the people in our lives, at work, at home and in our community.  Give the 3 factors of good pep talks some consideration the next time you meet with your team.  Let us know how it goes.