Haiti's Love 2016

Children of the Promise (COTP) is located in the small village of Lagosette.  Our home was the volunteer house which had a shared kitchen, 4 baths and a covered porch.  COTP offers prenatal education, community outreach, infant rehabilitation and facilitates adoptions when reunification isn't possible.  In 2017, COTP will take over a local school.  

COTP is a part of the community.  It employs nurses, nannies, drivers and people who wash laundry, cook and manage the supply depot.  International families, mostly from the US, have various duties and act as surrogate parents and siblings.  

We painted, painted and painted some more!  We gave the baby house a face lift.  We also organized a part of the supply depot, made freezer meals for the families and organized *International Date Night*.

Thanks to your generosity, we brought down hundreds of pounds of baby diapers, formula, wipes, medical supplies, medications, school supplies and more.  

While we worked, we also had time to play... with the kids and babies!

We visited the two main tourist attractions: the Citadelle and the beach.  Visiting villages, a town and the city of Cap-Hatian we got to see a lot of the countryside.  Our main mode of transport was in the back of a truck.

Supporting the local economy was part of our goal.  We sourced ingredients and ate out in the community two evenings during our stay.  By preparing meals for our group, two women earned about a month's wages for their families.

On our final day, we left a *Canadian* hand print on COTP's wall.  COTP certainly left its hand print on us too!

Learn more about COTP here.  If you want to know more about our experience, contact us.