What would it mean for our lives and our communities if we could be clear about our personal gifts and abilities?  Over the years, we have seen the impact of people knowing and valuing the sum total of their personality traits, abilities, values and interests.  Being clear about who you are and focusing in on how you want to make a contribution at work leads to selecting the education program that is best for you, finding the right job and work environment more quickly, and widening your career prospects.  When you apply your strengths at work, you experience higher job satisfaction and happiness in all aspects of your life.  Investing in you today, is guaranteed to save time, money and frustration tomorrow. 

For each client, we create a customized service package that meets your needs and your budget that may include one or more of the following:

  • Career assessments and coaching to understand your strengths and identify career options that are right for you

  • Career coaching on how to be more successful during interviews, how to network effectively and how to achieve your professional development goals

  • Résumé and cover letter development to profile yourself as a top candidate in your field